Andalusia – Lone Traveler – Day 6

Hola amigos y amigas!

Day 6 and life is looking bright and clear! Still no selfies! I am life’s observer 🙂


About the book, you ask?

It is stupid and ungrateful!

That is what this book is! Today, I had to go through chapter 2 again, because one of the characters refuses to have an affair. Apparently, she is a good girl.

But I want her to have an affair so we wrestled about that a while. And she is going to have that affair, whether she likes it not!

She got to choose the guy she would have the affair with though. Apparently, I had chosen a too-nice-guy and she doesn’t like him that much!

The nerve!

Done with that, I went on to chapter 3.

When it’s not one thing, it is twelve other things as Les Brown says.

I have become obsesses with numbers!

Yesterday, when the affair went my way, I had 5, 596 words in chapter 2. Today, after arguing with the character and compromising into a revision, I had 5,725 words!

Chapter 3 has, at this moment, 5, 534 words. So far, no character has revolted. No one is sulking either. So we hope this is the future of this chapter.

But who knows?! They get a life of their own once you imagine them. It is an annoyance.

In total, 19, 588 of 108, 332 words are revised.

Yesterday, I had 108, 357 words in total.

Trust the process! They say 🙂 I am really working on that!


I am training to not worry about stuff. Just keep moving forward, a word at a time. A deed at a time.

  • 40% of the things we worry about will never occur.
  • 30% of the things we worry about have already occurred and can’t be changed by all the worry in the world.
  • 12% is needless worries about our health. Like, you have a headache, google that crap and it says cancer. You start to worry about cancer instead of taLionking a painkiller.
  • 10% is petty, miscellaneous worries for things that have no value in our life. Like, what will that person say or think about me?
  • 8% is real, legitimate worries. These are the worries worth concerning ourselves

92% of our worries are pure fog with no substance at all. Suck on that and STOP worrying!


One more thing, today was my mind-off day. I could barely get out of bed. I woke up thinking about an argument Sebastian and I had a few days before I traveled. He requested me, kindly, to take it easy and rest. I was after all on vacation. He reminded me.

Usually, I react to kindness with a what-do-you-wantt buddyunkindness so, I replied quite tartly: “Let me be! I am on vacation from work! I am not on vacation from life!”

He laughed, he has a good natural state. And he admitted that I was making a point. I got to continue with my wheezing about. He is also the guy working his ass off in Stockholm, so we can afford to get through April, after I have spent all my margins in Granada.

I am one of those, running around with the mind wheezing with the thinking that is going on. Note books all over our apartment, a whiteboard with models, mind-maps, use cases and then some more models related to other models.

It drives him nuts!

To be fair though, some days, I start the TV, Netflix mostly or a DVD box, and watch it in a catatonic state for days. All I need is food, tea with honey and a hug every now and then.

When I was done thinking about that, or was it at the same time? Anyways, at around 08:00, I watched Van Damme’s Lionheart in Spanish. Had breakfast in bed. Crawled off the bed around 10:15 and took a slow shower.

Mind is off. Still, we persist.


A third thing, or fourth?

I realized that this was my last night in this hotel and panicked. Ran downstairs. NO, I ran to the elevators that brought me to the reception. I booked one more night here.

I love it here! I was supposed to travel back to Malaga and spend the last night in Malaga. All that is changed now. Two more nights and I am home on Friday night.

At 15:12, I dragged myself out and took a walk in the sun. Water calms me down, so I went towards river Genil.

Sat at an Italian place for about 1 hour and had a late lunch and got to speak to the Italian waiter. Since the lunch traffic had abated, they had time to breath and see us.

I then continued on the walk by the Genil, southwards via Plaza Concordia to Plaza Nuevo Zaidin.

I was back to the hotel at 18:30 and will go through chapter 4 now. Another over 5, 000 words if all goes well!

Keep wishing me luck and thanks for the support! ❤ /Linda



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