Andalusia – Lone Traveler – Day 5

Hello guys and ladies! I was up at 7:00am, totally unacceptable on vacation days. But, the naughty book isn’t writing itself while I sleep!

2nd book revision – Around 15,000 of 108,400 words  revised and edited. This is going forward!

I have my goal on the #pitchwars in June! Wish me luck! By then, I have to have done a third revision, a synopsis and a query letter.

Back to the vacation! Today was a day of firsts!

  • I did a first live video on Facebook after lots of coaxing from my business mentor 🙂 Apparently, digital visibility is the way forward with business ventures and I am all for it.

20180327_200040[1]I refuse to share it here.

I was nervous and fidgety and I was not really looking in the camera!

I will share in the future when they become better.

  • For the first time ever, I listened to Jim Rohn on YouTube. I am a huge YouTube consumer but have never listened to him.

He is brilliant!

Lots of notes for future reference!

I had him in my ears as I walked through the city, again.

This time, I took another route and ended up at the vantage point at Mirador de San Nicolas.

IMG_0109[1]Beautiful views from up there and the sun was shining warm at 18 Celcius.

  • I spoke to a flamenco dancer! she was so so so good I asked her if I could film her dance and she said yes!

Without asking for money.

The streets were lined by crowds, waiting for the semana santa processions, and she just danced. Right there! By the pavement. They were of course a team, but still! I am so privileged to see this on the street.

I wanted to share the video but that did not work out so well. So images will do for now!