Andalusia – Lone Traveler – Day 4

The Alhambra from a distance.

I like not being able to take selfies. I was tempted, but I didn’t. I checked myself in my little mirror a couple of times to make sure I was still here, whole and looking okay-sh.

Isn’t it weird how much we scrutinize ourselves when we take selfies?! I do!

IMG_0045I take a selfie.

Check it.

Criticize it. Zits. Discoloration. Wrong light on me. Wrong face on me. Wrong smile on me. Eyes slanting wrong. Nose looking crooked. Hair not right. Neck looks fat.

I am still wondering how that car got there.

Delete it! Delete! Delete! Hoping no one else will ever see it.

Take another.

The loop continues. It’s exhausting and I for one need to stop. So I am going to work at not taking selfies moving forward.

The musician with his dog (s). A black one was playing behind the wall.

Focused outwards all day. Watching the world around me. I felt so clearly that no one was watching me. I was invisible, in a good way. So I could just be and enjoy.

I walked to the Alhambra and spent the afternoon by the Puerta da los Carros listening to street musicians and children playing around the beautiful outdoor restaurants by the Calle Real de la Alhambra.

I was actually going to book a Flamenco night for Thursday, at the Pena la Plateria, but I did not succeed. They were closed. I rang the door-bell but no one came to the door.

IMG_0028I have tried to book via telephone but the person on the other side does not seem to speak or hear la Ingles.

I am stumped!

Did I mention that I live right opposite the El Corte Ingles?! It was not a very well-planned strategy because they have beautiful things in there! It is a battle with myself to not go in and buy a LongChamp bag that costs more than I can afford.

Remember yesterday I mentioned that have some spectacles ongoing this week, in preparation for Easter? Well, you are lucky! On my walk back to the hotel, quite late actually, 18:00 or something…several processions were ongoing. In the beautiful Albaicin, preparations were ongoing when I left the Alhambra.

As I left El Cortes Ingles with a few necessities – OK, let’s deal with that first – When in Southern Europe, I go to regular supermarket to admire wine. In Sweden, there is no wine in regular supermarkets. You have to go to the state shops if you want to admire wine.

As I was saying, as I left El Cortes Ingles, another procession was on its way from Calle Reyes Católicos, via Carrera de la Virgen, towards the Royal Chapel of Granada. I think. I heard, in Spanish, that the same procession will walk by Carrera del Darro, quite close to me, on its way home.

That smoke is incense burning – reminds me of mass when I was a child!


I can still hear them now from my room. It was regalia of the highest quality and drama I promise. Impossible to show it in pictures! You have to experience this to feel the goose bumps.

I am now going to sit 2 hours with my book. I am hoping to do 100 pages tonight!

Wish me luck ❤