Andalusia – Lone Traveler – Day 3

Hi again! Just to touch base about the day – It’s going well! ❤ I am enjoying the trip more and more!

Today was cold and rainy, around 10 Celsius but it felt like 7 Celsius. The food at this fantastic hotel is not that good so I was forced to go out in the rain to find a good brunch at around mid-day.

20180325_143504[1]I had Googled lunch restaurants near the hotel – 10-15 minutes walk. I wonder how the legacy travelers like Hemingway did this. It’s not like they could Google restaurants and all that.

Oh, wait! Maybe they just spoke to people and asked for recommendations?

I love people, mostly, and enjoy to hear other people’s stories. But I feel like I can’t be bothered right now. I have had such an intense start of year, I am enjoying isolation and quiet. Except of course, short conversation with Sebastian to let him know I am safe and well.

This morning, I had the longest conversation with house keeping. I was requesting my morning gown, which should be included in the room. Since we couldn’t understand each other in any language, she had to come to the 6th floor. The gown was in the bathroom, behind the door 🙂 insert grin here!

It is such a cozy morning robe with the warmest yellow color!

See, Idiot abroad all over.

Today, I made Spanish sentences sounds:

  • uno momento por favor – so I could Google images of morning gown to show her.
  • muchos gracias!- after a nice brunch with fish tapas and a glass of fresh orange juice
  • Hola and adiós

It turned out to be a very nice walk through the city center through Calle Acera del Darro, across the river Genil and then a short walk by the banks. Beautiful surroundings and parks. Good for me to get some fresh air!

20180325_200207[1]Back at the hotel after brunch, I re-organized the furniture to get the desk facing the outside. Before, it just faced the wall under the TV. I cannot abide it!

I am in the 2nd revision of my book and this trip was supposed to provide the serenity for that. Writing is a pain, especially the number of times one has to proof read, revise, edit and revise a little more.

With over 300 pages to go through, being alone will be exactly what I need! Who knew, a higher power plans for us sometimes.

At least the characters have settled now. So I haven’t had a rebellion or a mutiny in three months. They finally like their roles, partners and characteristics.

I am now listing the potential agents and learning how to self-publish. I have already published a simple essay on Amazon but I need to up my game if this is the way to go with this book.

The thing with traveling alone: The selfies! I am as self obsessed as the next person but I hate taking selfies! It embarrasses me. I want someone else to take photos of me so I can pose.

NB: I arrived here on the pre-Easter days. Lots of colorful spectacles going on. I will try to capture that!