Andalusia – Lone Traveler – Day 2

20180324_124108[1]I figured that since I shared my desperation and panic with you guys/ladies, I should share the progress of things with you too 🙂 (insert smiley here).

Besides, the best experiences become even better when shared, right?

You may hope that the wonderful Andalusian wine doesn’t take over because all you will read then is wined up drivel!

The day started quite nicely with breakfast at 10:00. Ah, well, I spent the morning working on my book, packing before check out and re-doing my nails – I painted them last night and they had smudged when I woke up.

O.P.I. 1
Kerry Washington goes on and on about O.P.I – on Instagram – but it really is lots of work to make this nail polish settle properly. That could of-course, be because I mix different colors to make my own colors. Old habit repeating itself.

In yesterday’s case, I mixed the two to the left (O.P.I. 1) to make the shade on my nail just under (O.P.I. 2)

what do you think? I would ask Jacque, my travel companion, but she is not here, is she now?

O.P.I. 2
The day progressed quite nicely with a long (1½ hour) walk to the Roman amphitheater, the Alcazar, the Picasso museum and other tourist attractions in Malaga.

I walked by the bridge, Puente de la Misericordia. I love bridges and rivers but this was no  no impressive river at all! Quite pleasant walk in sunny 16 degrees Celsius. I mean compared to Stockholm’s -4 degrees Celsius, I am in heaven! I feel like Karl Pilkington in Idiot Abroad with my temperament as it is. 20180324_114300[1]

Regarding the Picasso museum, have you, like me, ever wondered how come Picasso painted the women so funny/weird? Dora Mar for example. Beautiful lady until Picasso painted her in cubics!

Picasso was born in Malaga. It is a beautiful place to be born. If you get born here, you either become a famous artist, immigrate, or die happy.

The walk back to the hotel took me over the Puente de la Esperanza. I collected my luggage, took the short walk to the El Perchel train station. El Perchel one of the oldest neighborhoods of Malaga. Quite authentic with close proximity to delicious Tapas if you are willing to look around!

I took the bus from Malaga to Granada and landed at my next booking. Cozy beds, nice hotel, not so good food. A buffet. That says it all. I am a foodie. Food has to be good, better than good or I will notice and I will nag. I played with my dinner, took a glass of red wine and a sherry with desert.

20180324_223659[1]I am ready for bed!

Another advantage to traveling alone: I can write more often without offending anyone.


I am a stickler for security when I travel alone. It is totally pathetic, to say the least. But I have this vivid imagination of awful things happening while I sleep…so I lock the door. And then I place my suitcase by the door, just to make sure. And then I place the chair in front of the suitcase, just to make certain…