Fecking French Airways’ Strike ruining my life?!

We had this getaway planned with a friend. The friend was to fly from the UK and I was to fly from Sweden. Meet up place? Malaga! Fantastic, warm, tapas Malaga.

We planned a couple of days in Malaga and a few days in Granada. The Alhambra and all that.

36 hours before meet up, she Whats-apps, can you say that? whats-apps? It’s like googles.

Anyways, she whats-apped that the French airways flights from UK were canceled and she was looking for new tickets.

My panic was paralyzing to say the least! I mean, we have booked hotels and everything!

And unusual for me, I had no plan-B-travel-companion. I trusted her word. When she says she will do something, she does it.

To rub salt to the wound, due to said strike, flights were delayed so my flight arrived 4 hours behind schedule. I arrived in Malaga exhausted, annoyed, anxious and excited.

It’s a bad cocktail.

View from Hotel room. There are birds on that roof!
So I had a sleep-in this morning. Just to get into the mood for solo-travel.

I am in Andalusia on my own. It is a long time since I traveled alone. I used to love it! To do a trip where ONLY my interests were considered.


I also used to be a notorious loner. Introverted nerd – getting energy from being alone in a resting-bitch state.

Somewhere along the way of my life, I went soft, started to like people’s company and travel with others. It can’t hurt to see what other people like. Right?

Until you get booked on a trip where no one bothers to ask you what you want to do on arrival. A story for another day.

On the flight, I was reading The brightest star in the sky, by Marian Keyes. It’s my first book by Keyes and I am hooked on her. She is crazy good at writing crazy stories.

Anyways, in the book, Katie loves to visit pharmacies, just for the heck of it. Weird, I thought.

Today, after the sleep-in and a late breakfast, I took a “discover the neighborhood walk”. After a nice walk through the outskirts of Malaga – I am staying 15 minutes walk from city center – I discovered a recommended restaurant and had an early dinner.

Isn’t it fantastic with roaming services so you can see a restaurant, or whateves, and think “that looks interesting” and then Google the name?! Voila! TripAdvisor recommended, Michelin, guest reviews.

It is a heavenly, technological life!

Lord, what fantastic food, wine and ambience! I managed to get through my travel guide and mark out the things I want to see and do in Granada.

On the walk back to the hotel, I went through the mall that is right beside my hotel. I was apparently not in a shopping mood – surprise surprise! – so I wandered in a few shops and found nothing. Nada. To end the misery, I walked into a cosmetics store – or whatever you call the shops that have face creams, perfumes, make up, oils etc

I love these shops! I have never thought of this as a thing, but I really do love the shops with all the creams, oils, make up items etc I always did. The colors, smells, images – it is art!

Many ages ago, when I was young and stupid, I used to buy too many creams that I never used. I have stopped since I found the ones that work.

Because of Marian Keye’s book, I recognized this as a thing. Something I enjoy doing. And because of French Airways’ strike, I can discover Andalusian by myself. I think I am going to enjoy this a lot!

A. Lot.

Wish me luck!