Happy 2018! I am Really Looking Forward to This Year


Enjoy that desert darling! You are worth it!
Firstly, in Sweden, Dickensian was aired on TV during the end of 2017 giving me one of my greatest wishes as a present. Almost all of Dickens’ characters in one place. Imagine Mr. and Mrs. Bumble, Ebenezer Scrooge (The name Ebenezer gives me goose bumps of happiness!), Inspector Bucket, the Havishams vs. the Compeysons and the rest of the gang. I would have been satisfied and happy for the rest of 2018 just for this.

To multiply to my joy, Rihanna allowed the upload of

Mattemoiselle Ma’Damn. I Really Want Grizelda!
Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick on Harvey Nichols. Online. You see, the only make up item I don’t leave home without is lipstick! I have them in colours I don’t even use and bought at prices I can’t afford.

Thirdly, my 2017 ended with a brand new contract for a new job starting in 2018. I had been itching to leave my beloved job for something new for a while. Looking for something to go to, as opposed to leaving something, was not easy at all. I need to learn new things and new people, and a new job was exactly what I needed.

Fourth, Sebastian and I ended the year with an 20171230_185230[1]agreement to walk this walk together, to make things work and last. A long term plan.

These are just examples of how blessed I am today. So you see, I cannot be greedy and wish for more. Still, for 2018, I pray for:

  1. Good health for my Mother as she ages. In 2018, she is turning 69, almost 70. It is an age. All my siblings have left home, I wish them well. We have not always agreed, my mother and I. We have not always loved each other either, if ever. But we have never been against each other, never on opposite sides when we face the world. Hopefully she will live a long life, filled with health and peace of mind and 2018 will just be the beginning of it all. 

    Light. Everywhere, Let the be Light!
  2. A world where we all can be refugees and keep some dignity, decorum and find love. I don’t want peace. After ages of wishing for peace, it now feels like a fool’s dream and I am no fool. I just want to know and feel that when the soldiers match into my corner, I can run to another place and there will be a small space where I can hide and rest for a bit. Maybe it won’t be me, maybe it will be my child running. Hopefully, 2018 is the year real refuges will start to exist for the refugees.

3. In 2018, I hope for the death of Alcoholism and Suicide. Or, at the very least, the path towards the treatment of alcoholism that leads to suicide. Once alcoholism and suicide happen to you, you will know how much it takes from the lives left grieving. I don’t wish it on you or anyone else. From one generation to the next. My real wish for 2018 is that it doesn’t happen to another child, wife, mother, brother, sister, husband, friend, neighbor etc.

And I wish you all well in 2018! Good health, both mental and physical, love and some success in the areas you are looking for success!