Were bus drivers abused & traumatized as children?

Did their fathers drink too much? Commit suicide? Did their mothers have the victim syndrome? Or disappear in religion to ask for God’s help, because only he, could change her husband?

Were bus drivers bullied in high school? Icy cold water at 06:00 am to shock them into waking? Did the priest touch them inappropriately when they were altar boys?

Sorry catholic church, you saved my life & gave me an education without abusing me. But still, easy target is easy target…

I am wondering because bus drivers, not all, but quite a few, have a tendency, a basic instinct to be mean. I plan my bus ride via journey planner on sl.se or the app in my phone. The walk from home to the bus stop takes ~2min. This morning, the bus should ave arrived in 4min & leave in 5min. I had margins. BUT, one minute into my leisure walk, I turn the corner from home, should just take the steps down the pathway, say hello to the old man, Gunnar, our neighbour in the house opposite us. Gunnar is on a wheelchair and sits outside his house in the mornings to catch the morning sun. I can see Gunnar now and both of us start to smile our regular practiced smiles…..

I see the bus driving in. EARLY. I can barely hold my smile at Gunnar, waving like a crazy woman & screaming godmorgon (good morning)!! He waves back with a knowing smile, he has experienced this before? I run down the steps, fly by Gunnar’s building & arrive at bus stop 2min before bus is supposed to leave. But bus is leaving! 2min before planned time.

I am waving wildly, I can see that the driver can see me. He can still open the door for me, he is still within the bus stop limits. But, he. Just. Drives. Off. 1 & a half minutes too early.

The next bus comes in 8min. So I get to wait, with more certainty than Europeans have right now. I know the next bus is coming in 8min so all I loose is 10 minutes of my morning.

Who does that?! Considering the planning that goes into the morning routines! everyone knows how it is! It is like cheating. Like breaking a promise.

So who drives off too early like that unless they were hurt by bad people family when they were children & they are trying to payback to the world in their small ways???!

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