What to do when a nice morning is ruined by mediocracy??

I thought I would create a list that can help others. I realized after number 1. Listen to Rihanna’s shine bright like a diamond  I realized that I have nothing to list. I am no help to anyone who is having a bad morning. Not even to myself. 

I woke up to two bad news; not world news that will shake the world. Bad news that will shake my little world.

#UberPOP is to be laid to rest in Sweden, Stockholm. What am I to do when I am out drunk, late and a little broke. This was the cheapest taxi ride I have ever had. And I have met some of the friendliest taxi drivers in #UberPOP drives. Strangers sharing not only their cars with me, but even their stories. In a country where a smile or a hello on the train/bus is like water in the desert (cliche, I know…but am really hurting here so please humour me!) This country makes me want to cry sometimes. And I know all about the tax avoidance accusations and all that but shouldn’t laws be adjusted to mirror the current? Especially when technology runs ahead of us? Or is law static, like the bible. It is done, it is utopia. Nothing can be done now.

#SyedLatif is being deported from Sweden. Not for taking too much social benefits, not for robbing anyone, not for being broke, poor and useless to society. Not for raping any of the beautiful Swedish women. Not for taking a bribe.

He is is being deported because he has a job! BUT, he found the job at the wrong place. LinkedIn. You see, and I didn’t know this before; and I still don’t know enough about this; in Sweden, the only way you as an immigrant should find a job is through the official (read useless Swedish public employment service =arbetsförmedlingen). The idea is very simple, Swedes should have a chance to jobs before immigrants. Quite right! LinkedIn is www and available to Swedes isn’t it? I never got a single job via Swedish public employment service and I was registered for three years when I first moved here. I got jobs via friends & internet. I should have been deported in 2007. (ooops! I shouldn’t say that, they may still find me.)

What the crap???!!! Seriously. Today I am expected to paint a happy face on my angry face, come to work and be civil.

If you have any tips just list them below for my sake! Thanks