Linnie: Candy crash champion and all that!

I am playing Candy crash like I never played anything before! My games of choice were tetris and  super mario brothers. Six months ago, a friend introduced me to Candy crash and I was on fire! Well not really.

Some levels take me 2 weeks to get through. I dont buy any lives and I dont borrow from friends either. Not yet but who knows how long I can hold out??! So I struggle through end of 5 lives, 72hr waits, nuts and grapes that refuse to drop aaaallll the way etc But the feeling when candy crashes down with Sugar Crash flashing is like…like…like…oooohhh the feeling I get when I get hot water on my skin during my beloved morning shower. Or when my little brother laughs. Or when I get to bed after a 12hr flight where my in flight seatmate had a child/baby with them.

We have always been on friendly terms, my phone and I. Except when it gets it in its smart head to auto-correct, wrongly. Now I am on loggerheads with my phone because of battery life. Iphone has never been in the “best battery life” category. Or? I don’t need to be sued for this. Still… Candy crash, Tetris, Whatsapp, Facebook, Bukowskis auction, Outlook, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Ted talks, Spotify, selfies etc leaves my lovely totally shaken within a couple hours.

Then, on level 123 of Candy crash, the leader board scroll on to nr.1. Number freaking 1!!!! And to make things worse, on level 125 Leader board scrolls to nr.2. This is addictive stuff dear child. Tread carefully. Play play play play until you are nr.1 again is all I can think of. Dancing round the apartment singing amgoodamgoodamgood amgood

I am Linnie in Candy crash. Find me and share a life!


The other half joins in in one of my Iamgoodamgoodamgoodamgood… amgood… He says “ooohhh honeyyousogood!!. Duktig älskling! Are you nr.1 of the whole world or just the neighbourhood housewives and idlers??”

That fixes me for a week.
His voice is all honey and soft as one who is  giving compliments.

Btw, is the leader board based on statistics from a global level or just neighbouring housewives and idlers??!! Why do I even care? I am number 1 at something.