The cliches surrounding how to live life without regret

Enjoy flowers, they are like life. Flowers with all their beauty shine like stars for a period of time. And then they wither. Yet, during their short life, flowers sustain the bees that spread the pollen that helps to produce the fruits that sustain all other life.

Live as if you wont wake up tomorrow. No regrets for the past & no anxiety for the future. Leave a legacy every day! Most politicians have never heard of that one either

Find people who make you laugh, who you feel peaceful & fulfilled around and who have your back. Keep them close. Toxic people will increase your stress levels. Stress does not improve your life length and it definitely doesn’t keep you happy in the present. This does not apply to those who love drama, if you re one of these, go look for your dose of drama to be happy.

Once you find these people, treat those you love as if you won’t ever meet them again. Thank you, please, I am sorry, a smile, a hug and best wishes does wonders. Don’t waste time on petty issues/situations or/and petty people. There is no time to waste! Every day with good friends & family is a blessing. Give & take with the heart & soul.

Fall in love and move in together! Damn, marry if it works for you. Optimism is good for you! Having someone to nag, impress and share the daily drill with is a lifesaver. Apparently, married men live longer & healthier by more than 5 years compared to eternal bachelors. Women do good if they have close women friends to fight with, gossip with and love. We are social animals and don’t do well alone.

Work is a part of life. Give work the attention & respect it deserves & then go and live the other parts of life. An idle mind is the devils workshop did not come from nowhere. Though science hasn’t found the devil in anyone’s mind yet, we all know that idleness doesn’t make us better people. Except when we are on vacation of course.

Don’t obsess about money, Money is to sustain life, not to govern life.  Donald Trump does not know this one

Drink tea with honey! Lots of honey if you can handle it. Honey is good for the stomach and other things science can’t explain yet. Tea with good honey is like meeting a good friend who knows you well over & over again. And you can do it all your life.

Drink a glass of wine every now & then. Too much alcohol is not good for you, you know that already. Some alcohol does stimulate your heart and blood vessels. Ask the queen if you doubt me, she drinks some good wines though. Not cheap booze and beer. Trust me guys, there are few lovers/husbands/wives who “really like” a bear belly. Never mind what they said…”I will love you no matter what” excludes beer bellies, abuse & infidelity I think.